Austin Swimming Pool Demolition & Removal Services

Austin Swimming Pool Demolition & Removal Services

A swimming pool can be a lovely addition to a backyard, but it can also become an expensive hassle to maintain, take up valuable yard space, make your home more difficult to sell, and, depending on your circumstances, be a hazard to you or your family. If you’re ready to say “sayonara” to your swimming pool, Austin Demolition Services can help. Our experienced pool removal contractors understand the particular dynamics of this unique demolition process. We would be delighted to help you better benefit from and enjoy your home with our pool filling service. Once you partner with Austin Demolition Services, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of your old swimming pool ever again.

Swimming Pool Filling & Removal

At first, filling in a pool might seem like a relatively easy process. Shouldn’t you be able to just drain the water and fill it with dirt? Unfortunately, the swimming pool removal process isn’t quite this simple. When you demolish a pool, you have to consider how to handle the pipes, tile, concrete, and other materials you might leave behind. You also must take into account the affect this procedure might have on the soil, whether or not you want to build on top of the area where your pool once was, and a variety of other factors. Some of these issues are so complex that an engineer may even need to be present during the demolition process. You may also need to obtain a permit to remove your pool, depending on city guidelines. Once you begin to truly look at everything a pool removal entails, you may realize it’s quite a complex task.


That’s where Austin Demolition Services comes in. Our dedicated, knowledgeable team has successfully filled and removed many pools, so we understand exactly what to do. We also have the advanced equipment and skills to execute various pool removal strategies.


How Swimming Pool Demolition it Works

The way pool removal works depends largely on the specific circumstances. In all cases, you’ll begin the process by giving us a call. During our conversation, our team will gather important information about your pool and begin drawing up plans to demolish it. We will also ask you to send pictures of your pool so that we can create an even more detailed demolition strategy. Our team will also determine if you need a permit to demolish your pool and, if so, help you obtain one.


For inground pool removal, we will do either a partial or full removal of the pool structure. A partial removal is usually more affordable and less time-consuming, but it leaves behind part of the pool’s original materials, which could potentially lead to future problems. While it may be more expensive and take longer, a full pool removal poses fewer future risks and may make your property more appealing to buyers, if you plan to put it on the market.


Inground pool removal can also involve an engineered or non-engineered backfill. To backfill something is to fill it up with the materials removed from it. In the case of pool removal, this would mean that the material destroyed in demolishing the pool is used to fill it back up. In an engineered backfill, an engineer supervises the pool filling process and, in the case of a full pool removal, provides official documentation indicating that you can build over where the pool once was. In a full or partial removal with a non-engineered backfill, no engineer will be present to supervise or provide authorization to build on the land where the demolished pool was.


As you might expect, above ground pool removal is notably simpler. Once the pool is drained, our demolition contractors will break it into pieces and properly dispose of these materials. We can also assist you in preparing the area where the above ground pool was for another above ground pool, a patio, or a yard.  


To learn more about how the pool removal process would work for you, contact us. We can talk you through the steps we would most likely recommend for your pool filling service.

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