Austin Mobile Home & Travel Trailer Demolition and Removal

Austin Mobile Home & Travel Trailer Demolition and Removal

According to BBC News, “an estimated 20 million Americans live in mobile homes.” Many Americans also live or vacation in travel trailers, which are homes that can be pulled by or are attached to a car. These houses are often more affordable than traditional homes, may have excellent amenities, and, as their name suggests, they can be moved to different locations depending on your preferences. Mobile homes and travel trailers can last for decades, but most do eventually need to be replaced. In this case, you’d need to demolish your existing mobile home or travel trailer (and likely replace it with a new, upgraded one!).

The thought of having to destroy your once-beloved home may feel overwhelming, but never fear: Austin Demolition Services is here to help you. Our experienced, local mobile home demolition contractors can help you with trailer house demolition and disposal. We’d be delighted to help you make way for a new beginning with our mobile home removal services.

Painless Mobile Home Disposal

If your mobile home or travel trailer is outdated or damaged, it may be time to get rid of it and move on to a newer model. However, demolishing a mobile home is not as simple as throwing away an old piece of furniture. This process often involves getting the proper permits as needed, deconstructing some or all of the home, separating out the salvageable materials, and properly disposing of the remaining waste. It’s unlikely that you could easily, successfully, and quickly handle this complex process all on your own. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

Our professional mobile home removal contractors understand the details involved in demolishing these types of residences. We have this process down to a science, so we can swiftly, effectively remove and dispose of your mobile home or travel trailer. Choose our team to help you with this distinctive type of demolition and you won’t have to worry about the particulars. We’ll guide you through the entire process so you can focus on picking out a new home, rather than stressing about your old one.


How Mobile Home Demolition Works

The exact procedure we use to demolish your mobile home or travel trailer will depend on its particular size, location, materials, and other factors. Generally, however, it involves the following steps:


  1. Contact Austin Demolition Services. Once we get on the phone with you, we’ll gather information about your mobile home or travel trailer so we can start strategizing for its demolition.
  2. Send us photos or your mobile home or travel trailer. These images will help us further plan for your mobile home removal or trailer home disposal.
  3. Get the home ready for demolition. Typically, you will need to get a permit before you begin work on travel trailer disposal. Our team understands how these regulations work, so we will handle the entire permit process. You will also need to make sure your electricity, power, gas, and other utilities are turned off, as it would be dangerous to demolish the mobile home with them connected. Furthermore, you should clean your furnishings and other belongings out of the interior of your travel trailer or mobile home to prepare it for removal.  
  4. Make a plan for disposal. It’s important to make clear arrangements for disposing of the debris from your mobile home or travel trailer demolition before you begin the removal process. We can help you estimate how much space the wreckage will take up in the trash. This will affect the dumpster costs and other fees associated with the remnants of your residence. Our team will create a disposal proposal for you to approve. We’ll also set up all the logistics for this part of the process.
  5. Disassemble the mobile home or travel trailer as much as possible. Many mobile homes and travel trailers are relatively easy to deconstruct into smaller pieces, making them easier to demolish. There may also be valuable scraps of the building you can sell. Austin Demolition Services will disassemble your mobile home to speed up the demolition process and help you save money.
  6. Demolish the remaining material. On demolition day, we’ll deconstruct and pack up all the larger residual pieces of your mobile home.
  7. Discard the materials. Austin Demolition Services will then follow through with the disposal plan we’ve devised, taking the demolished materials to a dumpster or another appropriate trash receptacle.
  8. Tidy up the space. Our mobile home disposal services team will also help you clean up the area once we’ve completed the major demolition process. Our contractors will work to leave your lot spotless so it’s ready for the next mobile home or travel trailer. 
  9. Move on to your next residence! With removal complete, you’ll be all set to enjoy your next home.

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