Austin Concrete Removal and Disposal Services

Austin Concrete Removal and Disposal Services

It’s virtually certain that there is concrete somewhere in your home. According to Chemistry Worldmagazine, “concrete is the single most widely used [manmade] material in the world.” Concrete is popular around the globe because it is so strong, versatile, and durable. Despite its many advantages, however, concrete may not last forever. You may decide to renovate a portion of your home that includes concrete, want to remove an outdated structure that uses this material, or need to take out a portion of concrete that has been damaged beyond repair.  


Of course, when you go to demolish concrete, many of its benefits become disadvantages. Its sturdiness may make it more difficult to remove, plus it will need to be properly thrown away. Austin Demolition Services offers advanced concrete removal. Our experienced demolition contractors understand the ins and outs of concrete, so we know exactly how to get rid of it. Since cement is an ingredient of concrete, we also offer cement removal, so we can demolish a cement driveway, courtyard, walkway, or any other similar structure. Whether you need to demolish flooring, pavement, sidewalks, or anything else made of concrete or cement, Austin Demolition Services can help.

Professional Concrete Removal

While some handy homeowners might be tempted to attempt to remove concrete themselves, this isn’t typically the best idea. Our concrete demolition contractors are trained to identify the right tools for the right type of concrete project, expertly execute concrete removal, and arrange appropriate concrete disposal. When you partner with us, you won’t have to worry about injuring yourself, removing every last piece of concrete you need to get rid of, or properly discarding this material. Austin Demolition Services’ local crew is committed to making your concrete removal as smooth, swift, and successful as possible.    


How Concrete Demolition Works

Clients often ask us exactly how that concrete and cement removal process will go. While each project is different, what follows is the general order of operations for concrete demolition:

  1. Contact Austin Demolition Services. We will be delighted to hear from you and happy to discuss your project in detail. Our experts will ask you questions about your property to begin planning for demolition.
  2. Send us photos of the concrete you wish to remove. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. We will combine photographs of your unwanted concrete with notes from your phone call to get everything set up for your demolition. 
  3. Prepare for demolition. This includes moving any cars, equipment, or other materials off of the concrete. We will also need to confirm with the city that removing this concrete will not interfere with any water, gas, electricity, or power lines that could be underneath or within the concrete. Austin Demolition Services will contact the appropriate inspectors and officials as needed, saving you this hassle.
  4. Make disposal arrangements. While it may seem counterintuitive to prepare for disposal first, it’s essential that we have a plan in place, since getting rid of concrete debris can be difficult. Our team will arrange with the local concrete dump or recycler so that your demolition day exactly according to plan.
  5. Welcome the demolition team. On the day or days of your demolition, we’ll meet you at your property. Our demolition contractors will go over everything we’re about to do so you feel informed and confident.
  6. Break up the concrete. We’ll provide concrete cutting and breaking using whichever implements best fit the specifications of the project. For smaller jobs, we may be able to use a basic jackhammer. We may use more advanced tools, such as skid loaders and excavators, for breaking up concrete in larger, more complex projects.
  7. Discard the concrete. Once the concrete is in manageable pieces, we will gather it up and dispose of it as planned. Depending on the size of the project, we may do so with simpler handheld tools or more sophisticated haulers and excavators. We utilize specific heavy debris removal processes to ensure this process is comprehensive yet quick. 
  8. Clean up the area. After our team has correctly disposed of the concrete, we’ll tidy up the demolition zone, leaving behind no trash or dust.
  9. Enjoy your upgraded property! Once your concrete demolition is complete, you’ll be free to rebuild, renovate, or enjoy your newfound space however you’d like.

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