Austin Old Deck & Fence Removal Services

Austin Old Deck & Fence Removal Services

You might think of your decks and fences as “extra” parts of your home, but they’re actually quite important. After all, a deck is of no use if you can’t safely walk on it, and a fence doesn’t do any good if it’s falling apart. Conversely, a deck or fence that you don’t want on or around your home could be an irritating eyesore that prevents you from completing other renovations and enjoying the home you’ve always wanted. Furthermore, dilapidated decks and fences could lower your property value and potentially make your residence more challenging to sell.

Residential demolition is the remedy for all of these scenarios. Whether you need to repair an old deck or fence, you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, or you simply want to get rid of these structures, Austin Demolition Services can help. We offer swift, comprehensive, simple deck and fence removal services to help you better appreciate your property and make way for better things.

Removing Fencing and Decks on Your Property

Since decks and fences are not always as complex as other structures, you may assume that you can remove them yourself. However, if you want this process to be as convenient, safe, effective, and stress-free as possible, you need to call in professionals. After all, demolishing a deck or fence can be dangerous, overwhelming, and time-consuming. If you do it incorrectly, you may end up getting injured, causing property damage, or having to ultimately call in a contractor to fix your mistake. Our skilled local crew has the advanced tools, valuable experienced, and dedication to make your fence or deck removal a success.


How Old Deck and Fence Removal Works

Each dilapidated fence or old deck removal is unique, but Austin Demolition Services does follow the same general process for these types of projects. Typically, we:


  1. Learn more about your particular circumstances. We’ll go over your deck or fence situation on the phone and ask you for photographs of the structure. Our team will then use this information to tailor a fence or deck removal strategy to your particular needs and preferences.
  2. Get ready for demolition. Once you’ve approved our demolition plans, we’ll begin preparing for the project. In many cases, deck and fence removals will not require permits, but the Austin Demolition Services team will determine if your project does. If so, we will ensure that your permit is in order before we begin fence or deck demolition.
  3. Plan for debris disposal. We’ll create a customized plan to properly, cost-effectively, safely, and appropriately discard the debris from your fence or deck removal. This is vital to have in place before we begin demolition. We will ensure that the cost and logistics of this strategy are to your liking before proceeding.
  4. Welcome the deck and fence demolition team to your property. Once everything is in order, we’ll arrive to your home to begin the deck or fence removal process.
  5. Dismantle the structure. We will then disassemble your fence or deck to the best of our ability. This will make the demolition process easier. In addition, we may find salvageable materials that you can sell, donate, or reuse. 
  6. Demolish any remaining components. In some cases, we may be able to completely remove your fence or deck by deconstructing it. However, if there are more complex or sturdy structures or materials, we may need to break them apart using more sophisticated tools and techniques.
  7. Dispose of the wreckage. Once we’ve broken the fence or deck into pieces, we will haul these to an appropriate dumping ground, as per the disposal plan we’ve made.
  8. Clean up the area. After disposing of most of the remnants of your deck or fence, we will ensure that the area we’ve worked on is tidy and neat.  

At this point, you’ll be able to enjoy your new space however you’d like. This could entail building a replacement structure or enjoying your newly enlarged yard.

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