The 4 Most Popular Styles of Chain Link Fencing

The 4 Most Popular Styles of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fences are a strong, durable, and affordable option for fencing your home. For just a small price you get a secure perimeter around your home without worrying about having to remove old rotting wood fences or ongoing maintenance like other materials.

Many people dislike how chain link fences may come off aesthetically however. But there are many different options when it comes to chain link fencing you can get, and not all have such a harsh look to them. Here are some of the common types homeowners go with.

1. Polymer Coated & PVC

PVC and polymer coated chain link fences have grown in popularity in recent years. They are typically much more aesthetically pleasing especially for homes and neighborhood fences than standard steel, but will come at a slightly higher price point. When choosing between the two it’s important to note differences: polymer is a powder coat applied to the steel, while PVC is a vinyl. When finished, both of these options provide a rubberized coat across the metal which protects it from harsh weather and looks a lot nicer.

2. Colorful Finishes

The PVC coatings can be found and made in a variety of different colors, making PVC much more popular as an option. Green PVC coating is one of the more common color coatings for gardens and landscapes, since it blends in with plants and provides a more muted appearance. The brown and green earth tones are most widely used to blend into natural environments, and black is often used to make a clean and modern appearance.

3. Standard Galvanized Steel

The most common chain link fence style sold and seen around town is galvanized steel fencing. Since chain link fences are made completely of metal, rust is a natural concern. By galvanizing the fencing, it creates a more durable product and protects against rust and corrosion. Zinc is most often used in the process of galvanizing the fence, but quick research will show you other options can be used as well.

4. Slatted Fences Your standard woven chain link fences don’t create a whole lot of privacy. Slatted chain link fences can quickly fix this problem if you’re still durable metal fencing. These simply add long pieces of metal, or “slats”, in the metal gaps, giving you extra privacy and covering up any large areas. Slats are made from versatile materials like PVC that can be made into many different colors and finishes to create something truly unique and aesthetically pleasing.