Why You Should Remove Your Concrete Driveway Before Putting Down Asphalt

Why You Should Remove Your Concrete Driveway Before Putting Down Asphalt

The most common question we get for concrete removal is, “Should I remove my old driveway first, or just lay new asphalt over my current concrete driveway?”

It’s a great question to ask, residential OR commercial. In general, we tend to side with asphalt before concrete as a better choice in the long run. But if you’re in the process of getting an asphalt driveway and there’s already concrete there, it’s a totally different ballgame.

Not the Best Idea

If you’re literally asking only if you “CAN“ lay asphalt on top of concrete, then technically yes. It’s not impossible, and if that’s the only thing you really want, go for it. Many people go with this simply because it’s cheaper (up front) than getting the concrete demo and removing it all.

However, there are a lot of reasons we don’t recommend this. Breaking up and removing existing concrete is important in order to:

Lay the ‘right’ base for your driveway

The main issue that comes up when covering concrete with asphalt is all about prepping the site properly. With concrete, to make a more stable slab you just lay the base on thicker. Unfortunately, this also means that contractors putting down concrete don’t often prepare the base. The ground underneath the driveway could be any material, like loose soil apt to shifting or sinking, and until it’s dug up you won’t know what you’re dealing with.

Make your driveway last longer

When you pour your asphalt over existing concrete driveways and it DOES rest on an unstable base, any asphalt that you’ve poured is much more likely to be unstable. Initial joints in the concrete driveway can create cracks in the asphalt, a very expensive repair. In the most extreme example, any movement or ground shifting could create a crack across the entire surface, like how a home foundation cracks from improper laying of the base. Asphalt driveways will last longer and stay looking great if you take the time to fully remove old concrete and properly lay the base. Reach out to Austin Demolition Services today to get some help removing an existing concrete driveway