The 3 Types of Concrete Foundations

The 3 Types of Concrete Foundations

3 Types of Concrete Foundation

A solid foundation is integral to durability and longevity in your home, and concrete is the most typically used for sturdy construction. Various types of these exist for many different purposes. Whether you’re building a home from scratch or demolishing an existing concrete foundation to repair it, you must consider soil type and slab types before building. You should also consider the style of home you’re building, and check any city or local regulations.

Types of Concrete Foundation:


If you’re living somewhere where the ground is prone to freezing, the T-shape foundation is going to be the standard. The main concrete is placed below any frost line in the ground, and walls are built up from it.


What you typically think of, this is a single, thick concrete slab- but poured on crushed gravel or substrate for better drainage. This foundation is usually poured thicker at the edges in initial installation for better footing. This is best suited for locations where the ground does not freeze, or is unlikely to freeze.

Both the T-shaped and slab-on-grade make great and long-lasting concrete foundations. It comes down to location and cost for most final choices.


A third type is the frost-protected concrete foundation- which really only is suitable for heated structures. It uses two sheets of insulation, one on the outer wall and one at the base. Then it’s all laid out on some substrate like gravel. The layers of insulation prevent freezing and help structures above ground stay in tact.

If you need any type of concrete slab or foundation removed, it can be a very dangerous and time consuming process. Contact a professional demolition contractor and have the concrete removed quickly by an experienced member of our team.